We transport responsibility

Transportation is a system-relevant industry, but at the same time it is also emissions-intensive. As a freight forwarding company, we therefore bear a great responsibility. We meet this responsibility with ecological awareness and concrete measures for environmental and climate protection.

Grüne Nachhaltigkeit

Green sustainability

We are continuously working to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions. With increasing success: we are a certified FUMO® Green Carrier and thus on the fast track toward sustainable transportation. We are also constantly reducing our consumption of resources, for example by digitizing freight documents.

Keeping an eye on the ecological footprint

However, it is still not possible to completely avoid CO2 emissions when transporting goods by vehicle. That’s why we do everything we can to offset the emissions of our vehicle fleet. To do this, we closely monitor the environmental footprint of our fleet. We then implement measures to help us achieve our climate neutrality goals.

LKW fährt durch Landschaft
Grüne Landschaft mit Windrädern

Small offsets with a big impact

Of course, we also offer our customers the opportunity to offset CO2. You can offset every transport booked through us by paying a small additional amount. Your CO2 compensation finances measures that have a positive impact on the climate.

LKW Fahrer Otto

Together for sustainability

Eco-Driving helps our drivers and us as fleet managers to optimize driving behavior through detailed reports. Everyone involved can take targeted action before, during and after each trip and contribute to a more environmentally friendly and safer driving style.