Terms and Conditions of Timotrans International GmbH & Co. KG (T&Cs)

  1. All supplies and services from a contractual relationship between the Timotrans International GmbH & Co. KG – hereinafter Timotrans – and the customer only apply to the following conditions. Any amendment and change must be made in written form.

  2. We operate exclusively in accordance with the Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen 2016 („ADSp 2016“) (German Freight Forwarders’ General Terms and Conditions 2016). Pursuant to clause 23 of ADSp 2016, liability for loss and damage of goods, which is limited under Section 431 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) to 8,33 Special Drawing Right per kilogram (SDR/kg), is further limited to the higher of Euro 1 Million and 2 SDR/kg per claim provided that all claims per event are limited to the higher of Euro 2 Million and 2 SDR/kg; and where multi-modal transport with sea carriage is involved to 2 SDR/kg This sends Timotrans gladly if needed. The ADSp can also be consulted here (german) and are ready in printable form.

  3. As demurrage free time available at the loading or unloading place, we accept max. 2 hours. In partloads we refer to the ADSp 2016 article 11. There is the loading and unloading times ruled. Each additional hour will be billed with 45 €.

  4. Appointments of Timotrans are generally non-binding guidelines. In particular, no liability is accepted for any delay that cannot be influenced by Timotrans, especially due to customs clearance on import and export, client side to given permits or forward freight.

  5. The order will only be covered by Timotrans for the client with a transport insurance if this has been expressly instructed or if the client has already been applied in the previous contracts covering.

  6. Offer prices are exclusive of shipping insurance, the replacement purchase may Timotrans convey.

  7. For form’s sake, we object to all shipping deductions and offsets.

  8. German law applies. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Wuppertal, unless the customer is a consumer or has no general jurisdiction in Germany.